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Twitch personality Scarra talks about his streaming career at TwitchCon 2018

Twitch streamer William Li, better known online as Scarra, is one of the most popular League of Legends streamers around. For good reason, too. Not only is Scarra entertaining to watch, he’s also a great source for tips and tricks on how to improve your game. Before streaming full-time, Scarra was a professional League of Legends player before season one even started in 2010. Digital Trends spoke with Scarra at TwitchCon 2018 about his content creator career and hobbies. You can check out the full video above.

After retiring from competition following three years of squaring off against the best of the best, Scarra started his streaming career, which has steadily grown over the past four years. “A lot of my audience comes from watching me play League of Legends, and I tend to be rather educational when I’m not really depressed from losing,” he said.

You may think that someone who makes his living playing video games all day would want to get away from the glare of the screen when he’s offline. Not in Scarra’s case. He told us that his free time is occupied with playing video games and reading books. He reads fantasy novels and web novels for about two hours a day. His favorite book, Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, even has a video game slant to it.

If you’re interested in starting a streaming career yourself, you’ll want to listen to Scarra talk about the evolution of his setup. Like many streamers, he started out with just headset and mic, but as he continued, he wanted every aspect of the stream to have a professional quality to it, from lighting to sound to visual quality and more.

Scarra also told us a touching turned hilariously sad story about messages he has received from fans on numerous occasions.

If you want to keep up with Scarra’s work, make sure to watch him on Twitch and YouTube, where he plays League of Legends and collaborates with other content creators on funny videos. Scarra also is part of Offline TV, a YouTube channel featuring five creators who live in the same house. Offline TV produces a wide range of content, from prank videos to vlogs to the housemates playing games together.

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