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All hands on deck! Invite your friends to ‘Sea of Thieves’ for free this week

Sea of Thieves is fully playable as a solo experience, but in order to get the most of Rare’s online pirate exploration game, you’ll want to have some friends join you on the adventure. For the next week, up to three of them will be able to do so for free.

From February 6 to February 13, Sea of Thieves will be running a “Friends Play Free” program for anyone who already owns the game or has played it via Xbox Game Pass. All you have to do is go to the program’s website and you’ll get three free codes to send to any of your friends. It’s valid across Xbox One and PC, and because the game supports crossplay between the two systems, you’ll still be able to enjoy multiplayer and party chat together.

Those who redeem a code through the program will also be able to purchase Sea of Thieves permanently with a 35 percent discount from February 6 to February 27. The purchase must be digital, but it’s valid on Xbox One and PC, and the Xbox Play Anywhere program means you get access to both versions with one purchase.

During the Friends Play Free period, Sea of Thieves will also offer a limited-time Mercenary Voyage that tasks you with finding a “Rum Runner.” You’ll be rewarded with special cosmetic items for completing the Voyage. News on additional content to celebrate the game’s first anniversary on March 20 should also be coming soon.

Sea of Thieves will definitely make a better first impression if you’re playing it with people you already know, as communication as you sail across the sea and battle other players’ ships is crucial. With random players and those without microphones, you can use some nonverbal communication tools, but it makes it much more difficult. Otherwise, you’ll have to sail in a small one-person boat, which is agile but extremely vulnerable to attack from both players and non-player characters. This method also forces you to alternate between sailing and firing your cannon, rather than doing them both simultaneously.

Sea of Thieves is available now exclusively for Xbox One and PC.

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