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The ‘mini console’ trend returns this fall with the Sega Genesis Mini 2

Sega has announced that the Sega Genesis Mini 2 will launch in North America on October 27.

The Sega Genesis Mini 2 is a more compact version of the original Sega Genesis Mini, trading the classic design of the original Sega Genesis — with the side cartridge port, traditional power switch, and bulky controller — for a console that puts the cartridge port (it’s nonfunctional, by the way) smack in the middle and the power button just beneath it. The controller has been upgraded to have six buttons instead of three.

SEGA Genesis Mini 2 | Promotional Video

The latest miniature console comes preloaded with 50 classic titles, some of which are sequels that were previously unreleased on the Sega Genesis Mini, like Sonic 3D Blast, After Burner II, Vectorman 2, and Splatterhouse 2. The library also packs four Sega CD titles, including Sonic CD, Shining Force CD, Silpheed, and Mansion of Hidden Souls.

In addition to the great Genesis classics, you’ll have access to some arcade ports, like Outrunners and Fantasy Zone. And as a special bonus, you’ll have access to the unreleased Genesis title Star Mobile. The hardware for the Sega Genesis Mini has been enhanced to allow for full-motion video and for the animations to run smoother than they’ve ever were on its predecessor.

News of Sonic CD being included in the Sega Genesis Mini 2 comes nearly a month after the release of Sonic Origins, which includes the Sega CD title and can be played by Sonic fans on every current-gen platform. Star Mobile is an even more interesting addition, as the game’s development finished in 1992, but it was never seen by the public until now.

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