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Sega’s plug-and-play Genesis includes 40 classic games, SD card support

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Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition console looks to be a huge hit this holiday season, with its $60 price tag, library of 30 of the best games ever created, and small size making it the perfect stocking stuffer. But not so fast, Nintendo. Sega and AtGames have their own plug-and-play system, and it’s getting an update to celebrate Sonic’s 25th birthday.

Available in Europe this October from FunstockRetro, the Sega Mega Drive Classic (for those in North America, you know the Mega Drive as the Genesis) comes pre-loaded with 40 Mega Drive games, including Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Kid Chameleon, Sonic the Hedgehog and several of its sequels and spinoffs, and the first three Mortal Kombat games. It also includes an additional 40 “Sega Arcade/Puzzle games,” which feature some classic titles. After we play Fight or Lose and Yawning Triceratops for a bit, we’ll try out Curling 2010 and Mr. Balls.

Unlike Nintendo’s system, the Mega Drive Classic includes both an SD card slot and a game cartridge slot, allowing you to play additional games that aren’t included in the list. The current version available includes Ecco and Streets of Rage, for instance, but these have been replaced in the 25th Anniversary console with Sonic 3D Blast and Phantasy Star 2.

In addition the the home console version, you can also pick up the Mega Drive as a handheld system: the “Ultimate Portable Game Player.” It ditches the cartridge slot (remember the Sega Nomad?) but still features an SD card slot and includes the same games as its slightly bigger sibling. YouTube reviewer and plastic stuff enthusiast Stuart Ashen tested the handheld out last year, and found its sound quality to be noticeably inferior to the original system.

The 25th Anniversary Sega Mega Drive Classic and portable consoles will be available in Europe this October for about $65. You can order the Sega Mega Drive Classic from FunstockRetro.

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