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There are no custom moves or equippable items in ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’

If you’re waiting impatiently for the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on December 7, you’re not the only one. At a recent hands-on with the game, GameSpot managed to eke out some further details from a Nintendo representative about the upcoming game.

One feature that will unfortunately not be in Ultimate is custom moves. In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, the custom moves feature let players modify the characters that they played and their special moves. Though some players loved it, it wasn’t the most widely used feature and it won’t be making a comeback for the Switch game. Another feature which has been removed from the Switch game is equippable items, which were previously available to customize character stats after they have been won in certain modes.

Removing these customization options is a shame for players who enjoyed tweaking their character’s moves to their liking, but seems to have gone over fine with most respondents on Twitter. “Would’ve hated to grind everything anyway,” was a fairly typical reaction among fans who don’t see the lack of custom moves and extra items as a problem.

The good news for the minority of players who do want to be able to customize their Smash Bros. moves is that there will be one customizable character in the game. The Mii Fighter makes a return from previous games, allowing you to play the game as an avatar of yourself or someone else. Anyone who has spent time on a Nintendo console since the Wii will be familiar with Miis, the digital avatars that are used in many aspects of Nintendo consoles and games. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate you’ll be able to play as your Mii, with 12 different voices to choose from and three sets of special moves.

There will be a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rex costume available for the Smash Bros. character Mii Fighter that you can get through purchasing the Fighters Pass DLC. Additionally, players can expect a new mode, Spirits, to take the place of the collectible trophies seen in the previous games. These Spirits are characters you can acquire in Smash Bro’s Ultimate that enhance your fighters’ stats or give them special skills and abilities.

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