Sony’s 13 For ’13 Sale begins Tuesday, offers quarter-priced game downloads

Jet Set Radio

Come Tuesday, January 22, the PlayStation Network will play host to Sony’s latest promotional: The aptly-named “13 for ’13 Sale.” Now that we’re all living in the year 2013, Sony feels that it should somehow commemorate the event and has decided to do so by discounting one video game and one film each day for the next 13 days. See how that’s almost clever wordplay? It would have made far more sense to kick off this sale on New Year’s Day, but who are we to stare this gift horse in the mouth?

The list of games going on sale over the next two weeks isn’t necessarily a roll call of blockbuster hits from the previous year, but it does offer a little something for everyone. Take a look at the handy, conveniently organized list Sony put together for the official

  • LittleBigPlanet Karting – Regular $39.99, Sale $19.99, PS Plus $10.00
  • The Unfinished Swan – Regular $14.99, Sale $7.49, PS Plus $3.75
  • Ratchet & Clank – Regular $14.99, Sale $7.49, PS Plus $3.75
  • Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy – Regular $7.99, Sale $3.99, PS Plus $2.00
  • Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Complete Collection – Regular $24.99, Sale $12.49, PS Plus $6.25
  • Warp – Regular $9.99, Sale $4.99, PS Plus $2.50
  • Shank 2 – Regular $9.99, Sale $4.99, PS Plus $2.50
  • NiGHTS into dreams… – Regular $9.99, Sale $4.99, PS Plus $2.50
  • Jet Set Radio – Regular $9.99, Sale $4.99, PS Plus $2.50
  • The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut – Regular $19.99, Sale $9.99, PS Plus $5.00
  • Psychonauts – Regular $9.99, Sale $4.99, PS Plus $2.50
  • Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 – Regular $39.99, Sale $19.99, PS Plus $10.00
  • Machinarium – Regular $9.99, Sale $4.99, PS Plus $2.50
You’ll notice both “Sale” prices and “PS Plus” prices listed for all of those games. As with most recent PlayStation Network sales, this indicates that while all PlayStation 3 owners will be able to download, say, Jet Set Radio for only $5, those who have active PlayStation Plus memberships will be able to pick up Sega’s criminally under-loved graffiti simulator for only $2.50. A 50-percent discount on anything is pretty sizable, but if you’d rather enjoy the three-quarters off provided by a PS Plus membership, you can currently sign up for a one year subscription for $50. Three month hitches are also available for $18, but the annual scheme is clearly the better deal — especially considering the rolling roster of free retail games the service offers to owners of both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita handheld.
As for the cinematic offerings of this sale, the also offers a compehensive list of what Sony describes as the “hottest, most critically acclaimed films of the previous year.” Have a look:
  • Ted – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $12.99, Regular (HD) $19.99, Sale (HD) $17.99
  • Pitch Perfect – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $12.99, Regular (HD) $19.99, Sale (HD) $17.99
  • The Cabin in the Woods – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $9.99, Regular (HD) $19.99, Sale (HD) $12.99
  • Total Recall – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $12.99, Regular (HD) $17.99, Sale (HD) $12.99
  • Beasts of the Southern Wild – Regular (HD) $14.99, Sale (HD) $12.99
  • The Raid: Redemption (Unrated) – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $12.99, Regular (HD) $17.99, Sale (HD) $12.99
  • Safety Not Guaranteed – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $12.99, Regular (HD) $17.99, Sale (HD) $12.99
  • Arthur Christmas – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $12.99, Regular (HD) $17.99, Sale (HD) $12.99
  • Pirates! Band of Misfits – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $12.99, Regular (HD) $17.99, Sale (HD) $12.99
  • Safe – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $9.99, Regular (HD) $19.99, Sale (HD) $12.99
  • Margaret – Regular (SD) $12.99, Sale (SD) $10.99, Regular (HD) $15.99, Sale (HD) $10.99
  • The Do-Deca Pentathalon – Regular (SD) $12.99, Sale (SD) $10.99, Regular (HD) $14.99, Sale (HD) $10.99
  • Bernie – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $7.99, Regular (HD) $19.99, Sale (HD) $9.99
There are no special PlayStation Plus discounts to be had here, but that’s almost for the best as this half of the sale leaves us pretty cold. These are the hottest films of 2012? Really? We could see Beasts of the Southern Wild earning that disctinction. Cabin in the Woods too. Maybe even The Raid: Redemption and Pitch Perfect. The rest are largely the kind of filler pabulum that exists to occupy space in America’s megaplexes between major blockbusters and clever indie hits that only remain widely notable for a few weeks at most. If you’re a huge fan of Seth MacFarlane’s gimmicky schtick then by all means pick up Ted, but we see scant few reasons to explore the Hollwood side of Sony’s 13 for ’13 Sale.

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