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The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia to appear in ‘SoulCalibur VI’

Bandai Namco’s SoulCalibur series is known for its bizarre guest characters, with famous fighters like Link, Yoda, Dark Vader, and Ezio Auditore all appearing in the games over the years, and another legendary face is going to make an appearance in SoulCalibur VI: The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with CD Project and bring this one of a kind collaboration to fruition,” said Bandai Namco community manager Isshak Ferdjani in a post on the PlayStation Blog. “While coming from his own separate world, Geralt fits right in the European fantasy setting of SoulCalibur VI.”

In his character trailer, we see Geralt hold his own against Mitsurugi in a sword-fight, before blasting him with a spell that forces him backward. Next, we see him light a target on fire before delivering a devastating final blow. Though his attacks are vicious, they’re also quick, which should make him a difficult opponent.

Geralt will have access to both his steel sword and his silver sword in SoulCalibur VI. In The Witcher III, these two swords were used for taking down different types of enemies — humans for steel and monsters for silver — but it’s unclear how exactly they’ll function in the fighting game.

We do know, however, that his potions will play a role in his combat technique, and Doug Cockle will return as the voice of Geralt for his appearance in the game. The Kaer Morhen location will also be included, and CD Project Red shared original assets from The Witcher III with the SoulCalibur VI development team to ensure he looked as authentic as possible. The “Hunt or be Hunted” song from The Witcher III is featured, as well.

CD Projekt Red community lead Marcin Momot teased the announcement earlier this month, testing the waters to see if players were interested in Geralt making a guest appearance, but he didn’t mention a particular game. Naturally, rumors claimed it was SoulCalibur VI immediately.

SoulCalibur VI will be available later this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Geralt will be available in all three versions of the game, unlike the platform-exclusive guest characters we’ve seen from the series in the past.

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