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Our Spidey senses are tingling: Spider-Man might get a sequel on PS5 next year

A rumor is suggesting that a sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man will come in late 2021.

A throwaway Reddit account claims the 2018 Insomniac Games hit will launch for the PlayStation 5, with a reveal coming this summer. The post cites an unnamed source within developer Insomniac Games and builds off a report that another Reddit user made two months ago about a potential Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Let’s be clear that the claim is shaky at best, and media outlets haven’t backed up these rumors so far. But the same initial  Reddit user accurately revealed many details about the Resident Evil 3 remake a month before Capcom announced the survival horror title.

If the rumor proves true, the sequel will pick up after where the PlayStation 4 exclusive left off, with Peter Parker in mourning, blaming himself for the death of his aunt. Taking place during New York City’s harsh winter, Parker will find a new foe in the form of Harry Osborne, his former friend who becomes the villain Venom. Considering Osborn typically assumed the role of the Green Goblin in Spider-Man lore, this is an interesting choice. Other possible characters include Carnage and Mysterio, who spawn from Oscorp’s attempts to build a super-soldier, and Eddie Brock, who typically embodies Venom.

Miles Morales and Mary Jane Watson are also set to return from the original Marvel’s Spider-Man. Just as in the first game, Morales is allegedly playable in several sections, although there is no confirmation yet if users will be able to explore the open world as his character. As for Watson, she’s living with Parker as the two continue their relationship, although she’s said to be absent during the game’s first act.

As for gameplay upgrades, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will reportedly feature overhauled web swinging with new additional animations. Players can reportedly use a web-chaining maneuver that will give more control over where Spider-Man moves by having Parker choose spots to immediately zip toward in succession.

The Reddit user also claims that there will be three different swinging modes: Realistic, arcade, and hybrid. Arcade will give players some assistance, while hybrid matches the PS4’s Marvel’s Spider-Man. Realistic reportedly mimics the swinging in the Spider-Man 2 PlayStation 2 title and is “just pure physics.”

We still have a few months to see if the summer title reveal holds up. Until then, it might be best to stick to exploring the outside world virtually with the 2018 release.

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