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Spider-Man Remastered, Miles Morales are coming to PC

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Both of Insomniac’s PlayStation Spider-Man games are coming to PC. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is coming to PC this August, while Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales will hit PC sometime later this fall. Insomniac Games revealed the trailer for the remaster of the PS4-exclusive game on Sony’s State of Play stream on Thursday.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered – State of Play June 2022 Announce Trailer I PC Games

Insomniac is collaborating with Nixxes Software to develop Spider-Man Remastered for PC. In the game, Peter Parker struggles to balance his life and career as a scientist with his crime-fighting duties as Spider-Man, especially with New York City falling into the clutches of iconic villains like Kingpin, Doc Ock, and the Green Goblin. The remaster comes with The City That Never Sleeps DLC, which contains three chapters that follow the main story.

PC players can play the game with either a controller or a mouse and keyboard, which has been confirmed, and they can adjust render settings and ray-traced reflections. More features will be announced at a later date.

Ryan Schneider, Insomniac Games’ head of franchise strategy and studio relations, also announced on PlayStation Blog that Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is being ported over to PC as well. Originally released on both PS4 and PS5, the game centers on the teenage protagonist as he follows Peter Parker’s footsteps as he faces a power struggle that threatens to destroy his new home of East Harlem while learning to balance the responsibility that comes with his newfound powers.

Schneider said the PC developments of Spider-Man Remastered and Spider-Man: Miles Morales come on the heels of their console counterparts selling over 33 million copies globally as of May 15. Both games were released in 2018 and 2020, respectively.

“I am extremely pleased with our collaboration with Insomniac on Marvel’s Spider-Man series, the shared support provided between our teams and their dedication to quality above all is inspiring,” said Jurjen Katsman, founder and senior director of development at Nixxes Software. “It allows our team to leverage our technical expertise and focus on creating the best possible PC experience that takes advantage of all the exciting possibilities the PC platform has to offer.”

Spider-Man Remastered will be released on Steam and Epic Games Store on August 12. Spider-Man: Miles Morales will launch on PC sometime this fall.

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