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Refunds being issued for those who purchased Destiny Silver on Steam

Bungie admits error in listing Destiny Silver on Steam, offers refunds

When Destiny first launched as a console exclusive in 2013, many wondered if it would ever make its way to PC. With Destiny 2 answering the call for a PC port this fall, it seemed odd that people were able to purchase the first game’s currency, Destiny Silver, through Steam. Bungie has since confirmed this was a mistake and Valve is issuing full refunds for the error.

According to Eurogamer, a few Destiny listings were discovered on SteamDB by some users on NeoGAF. While the listings have since been taken down, Steam users were temporarily able to drop real-world money on Destiny Silver. We tried this ourselves, and while it was possible, buyers didn’t actually get anything from it.

Purchasing Destiny Silver through Steam costs $0.01 for one silver or $20.01 for 2,000 silver and 300 bonus. These prices were roughly the same through the PlayStation Store, save for the single silver piece. PlayStation owners are only able to purchase units of 500, 1,000, or 2,000. In the original Destiny,  silver could be purchased using real-world money, then used to buy goods for in-game characters at the Eververse Store.

There is still no word as to why Destiny Silver was listed on Steam in the first place, but Bungie community manager David “Deej” Dague confirmed that the post was a mistake. “Destiny transactions on Steam were made available in error,” says Dague in his Tweet. “All purchases will be refunded manually by Valve. Sorry for the confusion!”

Some fans took the error as a sign that Destiny was being ported to Steam. While this hasn’t been been ruled out completely, another tweet from Dague makes it seem unlikely. “We’re with Blizzard,” he says. “No plans to release Destiny 2 on PC anywhere else. Pass it on.” This means the sequel will remain on through

The biggest reason to move the game to PC is the significant jump in performance. Not only do players get smoother frame rates, the jump in power offers full 4K support with more detailed textures.

Destiny 2 releases in a couple of months for PC on October 24. For console players, the game releases more than a month earlier — on September 6 — for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Those who want to give this sci-fi shooter a try can check out the PC beta that’s planned for later this month. Players can prepare for the release by linking their accounts with their Bungie profiles.

Update: Added Bungie’s acknowledgement that its listing of Destiny Silver on Steam was an error.

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