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Prepare for 'Destiny 2' by linking your account and Bungie profile

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One of the biggest changes between Destiny 2 and its predecessor is the fact the sequel is going to be available on PC — and given Activision owns both Bungie and Blizzard, the game is set to take advantage of the latter studio’s well-established service.

Players who want to make sure they’re ready and raring to go when Destiny 2 hits can now link their profile with their Blizzard account, according to a report from Engadget. The PC version of the game is scheduled to launch a few weeks after its console release, but all players will have the chance to take part in an open beta over the course of the summer.

Players were already able to link their PlayStation Network or Xbox Live accounts to their Bungie profile in order to access the forums, take advantage of special offers, and redeem in-game items. Now the PC crowd is being inducted into the community, it makes a lot of sense for the studio to offer the same benefits to Blizzard account holders.

When the game goes live, linked accounts will allow players to check out their inventory via their web browser, without having to log into Destiny 2. That’s a pretty handy feature for a gear-centric game like this, so it’s worth taking five minutes to set things up.

Blizzard accounts are required for games ranging from World of Warcraft, to Hearthstone, to Overwatch — so it’s safe to say that a huge number of PC gamers are already signed up. Integrating these profiles into the Bungie ecosystem is a great way to welcome a new sector of the Destiny 2 community into the fold.

Throughout the lifespan of Destiny, there were calls for the game to be made available on PC. Bungie finally listened to the masses with Destiny 2, and the fact that the studio is taking advantage of its relationship with Blizzard suggests it’s doing everything in its power to ensure that the PC version of the game has no deficiencies compared to its console equivalents.

That’s great news for players, and it should ensure that Destiny 2 has a long lifespan across all three platforms it’s set to release on. The game is set to drop on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2017, while the PC release‘Destiny 2’ will hit PCs almost two months after it hits console is scheduled for October 24, 2017 — the upcoming beta period gets underway on July 18, with the PC beta starting in August.

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