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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a new action game from Team Ninja

The reports and rumors were true: Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a new action game coming from Team Ninja. It’s set for a 2022 release window and will launch for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Final Fantasy Origin was revealed during the Square Enix Presents event at E3 2021. A two-minute trailer was shown during the presentation, revealing some of the game’s characters and overall tone.


There’s still a lot we don’t know about Final Fantasy Origin, but PS5 players will gain access to a trial version from today until June 24.

The gameplay in Final Fantasy Origin will be a lot different than the original games in the series, favoring real-time action instead of turn-based combat. The game looks to be in the same vein as Devil May Cry, or even Ninja Gaiden.

This is on par for developer Team Ninja, which is known for creating action games such as Nioh. It’s unclear how long Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has been in development, but judging by Team Ninja’s recent slate, the developer has been busy lately.

Most recently, Team Ninja worked on the Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection, and before that it developed Nioh 2, which launched in 2020.

Publisher Square Enix offered a light plot description for Final Fantasy Origin, which reads, “Jack and his allies, Ash and Jed, burn with resolve to defeat Chaos as they throw open the gates to the Chaos Shrine. Yet doubts remain — are they truly the Warriors of Light the prophecy foretold?”

There’s still a lot of Final Fantasy on the way, including Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection, Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, and Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2, along with Origin.

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