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Stray: How to dunk the basketball for the Boom Chat Kalaka platinum trophy

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that they love to knock stuff around – an equally adorable and frustrating trait – so it's not surprising that you do quite a lot of that while controlling the feline protagonist of Stray.




5 minutes

What You Need

  • Visit the Slums

This is especially true if you're trying to earn the game's coveted Boom Chat Kalaka platinum trophy. To earn this trophy, you need to dunk a basketball into a bucket. This is an easy task, but it isn't exactly clear how to get the job done — let us help.

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How to dunk the basketball

The basketball and bucket necessary for earning the Boom Chat Kalaka trophy are located in the Slums, the first inhabited area you'll come across early in your adventure through Stray. You'll return here a handful of times throughout the first half of the game, giving you multiple chances to earn the trophy. If you find yourself too far in the story and unable to return to the Slums, don't worry too much, as you can load up earlier chapters and explore the area to your heart's content.

The Slums is an underground dystopian city filled with robots to speak to and many quests to tackle, but you won't have to worry about any of that to earn the Boom Chat Kalaka trophy. Instead, you need to head to the open area where you first met the Guardian robot wearing a red robe, easily identifiable by some nearby trees and a bright light shining down.

Facing the Guardian, turn right and look for a basketball sitting atop the nearby stairs. There is a white bucket embedded in the ground below, and you'll need to hit the ball into it. Slowly walk straight at the ball and lightly tap it with your head to send it down and into the bucket, which will instantly reward you with the Boom Chata Kalaka trophy.

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