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How to respec in Another Crab’s Treasure

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Soulslike games are known for being immense challenging, and Another Crab’s Treasure is no different despite its cutesy vibe. You’ll be certain to have quite a lot of challenges to overcome as you fight your way through this underwater world, and you’ll want to always be at your best as you do it. As such, you may find yourself wanting to reallocate your skill points at certain times, especially during the first half of the game when you have limited resources for getting new skills. Below, we’ll tell you how to respec in Another Crab’s Treasure.

How to respec

You won’t be able to assign skills or respec them until you’ve advanced the game to the point where you reach the Moon Snail’s Domain. You’ll see an option to “Refund Skills” when speaking to the Moon Snail. However, this will cost you a Shark Egg, which is an exceedingly rare item that you can’t get until you’ve progressed a little bit further into the game.

Moon Snail
Digital Trends / Aggro Crab

The easiest way to get a Shark Egg is to head over to the Prawn Shop in the lower section of New Carcinia, which is the game’s main hub that you’ll reach after defeating a few main bosses and moving the story forward a bit. Speak to the owner there to purchase up to two Shark Eggs for 2,000 microplastics each. Beyond the Prawn Shop, these elusive items can be found in a few clam shells throughout the game, and they’ll more rarely drop from elite enemies — though the drop rate appears to be very, very low.

With such a limited supply of Shark Eggs, make good use of them by picking skills you’re confident you’ll want to keep for the majority of the rest of the game.

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