We’re streaming Halo: The Master Chief Collection RIGHT NOW [It’s over]

streaming halo master chief collection today 3pm est12pm pst 3

UPDATE 2: It’s over. Thanks for joining us!

UPDATE: The stream is live(-ish… there’s an Xbox One update to download, so we’ll be starting a couple minutes late)! Watch it below, or head over to our Twitch channel to join in on the comments.

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ORIGINAL POST: Are you excited to relive the exploits of Master Chief when Microsoft releases Halo: The Master Chief Collection on November 11, 2014? Well we’ve got a treat for you. While we won’t have a review ready until the game’s launch — many of the core multiplayer and cooperative features are still coming online, and it’s best to see how these element perform in a live, post-release setting anyway — we’re allowed to start streaming select bits of the game as of October 29, aka today!

So we’re going to do just that. Tune in at 3pm EST, either right here or on DT’s Twitch channel, to get a peek at select missions from each of the game’s campaign modes, as well as a look at the interface connecting this huge pile-on of content. Halo: The Master Chief Collection gathers together Halo: Combat EvolvedHalo 2 (in a newly remastered “anniversary” release), Halo 3, and Halo 4 into one package, bringing the foundational games in the series to Xbox One for the first time.

It’s an impressive package, with not just every campaign and multiplayer map, but also new ways to engage with these long-familiar games. Every chapter and difficulty setting is unlocked right from the start, and specialized co-op playlists group together chapters pulled from all four games into themed exercises. Want to tackle a whole bunch of Warthog missions? Or play through a gauntlet of each game’s final escape sequence? That’s how it works.

We’ll be back to give you a firsthand look later today, so stay tuned for the goods at 3pm EST/12pm PST.