The best game trailer of the VGAs

the best game trailer of vgas tomb raider

The Spike TV Video Game Awards are about more than just awarding the previous year’s best games, it’s a time to look forward. In fact, the majority of fans most likely anticipate the look ahead as much the look back, and developers are happy to oblige.

The timing is also perfect. GDC in Spring is a good time for unveiling gaming news, summer is dominated by E3, and the Fall offers up GamesCom. With the once dominant Tokyo Game Show quickly fading, there is a gap at the end of the year when it comes to gaming events, and the VGAs have begun to fill that gap.

Each year the trailers released and the games announced at the VGAs increase in scope and number, and this year is as big as ever. Check out the biggest and best trailers from the past week.

Assassin’s Creed III DLC: The Tyranny of King Washington


Even before Assassin’s Creed III hit store shelves, there was chatter about this DLC for it. And why not. The image of a corrupt King Washington sitting on an American throne is both iconic and fairly mind blowing. It’s hard not to be intrigued by one of the biggest “what ifs” in the history of the world, and now you can play that experience as a small part of an already epic game. The DLC will be released in a new fashion, with the expansion coming in three individual parts. No release date has been given yet, but you’ll be able to buy everything al a carte while AC3 Season Pass holders will receive the DLC as part of their purchase.

Castlevania 2: Lords of Shadow


If you haven’t played the first game but you intend to, this trailer is not a good place to start. The first Lords of Shadow game ended on a fairly major twist. So much so that if you still plan to play it and the subsequent DLC that was released for it, stop right now and avoid all hints of this sequel until you complete the original. The twist to the first game comes at the very, very end, and the sequel is built entirely around the nature of that twist. It’s a good one too, so if you want to play part 1, do so quickly so you can join the rest of us in marveling at how cool this follow-up looks.

Dark Souls II


For those that enjoy pain in their gaming, good news! One of the most masochistic game play experiences of all time returns. The first Dark Souls came just over a year ago, and while the sequel doesn’t have a release date yet, it’s planned for next year. Don’t expect the follow up to be any more forgiving. Judging by the trailer, the hours of frustration (highlighted by moments of ecstasy) are there in spades.

Gears of War: Judgment

(March 19, 2013)

The chainsaw rifle returns! One of the best Xbox 360 exclusives returns with a prequel that takes us back to the first month of the Locust invasion. Marcus Fenix takes a backseat for this one, leaving Cole and Baird at the stick – assuming they can get through that pesky court martial.

Halo 4: Spartan Ops Episodes 6 – 10

(January 21, 2013)

The second part of the first season of “Spartan Ops” begins early next month, with around five more hours of co-op gameplay and a side story that inflates the mythology of the Halo universe while expanding the content of Halo 4. The story of the “Spartan Ops” episodes was always designed to be about the additional gameplay offered, but somewhere along the way the story became kinda compelling. The five final episodes conclude the side story, and they come at the perfect price (free).

The Last of Us

(May 7, 2013)

Among all the games due out next year, this is one of the few original properties that has the chance to really rise above the franchise-heavy crowd of contenders due next year. Coming from the team that made the Uncharted titles, The Last of Us is poised to be a hit, and yet another feather in the cap of the PS3 – which already ridiculously loaded with exclusive hits.

The Phantom Pain


There is a lot of talk about this game, and what it really is. There is a lot of discussion that it is actually the next Metal Gear Solid. The developer, Moby Dick Studio, didn’t exist on paper a few weeks back, and the head of that studio’s first name, Joakim, is an anagram of Kojima (Kojima Hideo is the man behind the Metal Gear franchise). The character also features a (presumably) protagonist that looks like Big Boss, just minus an arm. Regardless, it looks disturbing and bizarre, and worth the attention it is now receiving.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

(May 14, 2013)

If you are watching this at work, or in a place where children can hear the audio, you may want to put on headphones. All the blood and gore in the other trailers should be fine, but the F-bombs dropped may be offensive to some. Oy. Anyway, this trailer combines humor of South Park with developer Obsidian’s RPG roots. There haven’t been that many games that are genuinely funny recently – there are some, of course – but not many. This game fills that gap.

Tomb Raider

(March 5, 2013)

It is almost as if Lara Croft is cheating on herself with a younger, hotter woman, who also happens to be Lara Croft. The prequel/reboot reintroduces the famed raider of tombs in her first major adventure. It keeps the DNA of the original games, but does so in a way that opens up the world to further development. The franchise needed a shot in the arm, and judging by the look of this trailer, it got it.