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Which class should you pick in The Finals?

Before you can jump into the spotlight and start competing in the twisted gameshow-style shooter that is The Finals, you will need to pick what type of character you will play as. While this title stands out for its fast and fluid movement and sports-style presentation, it does follow plenty of familiar trends of other competitive shooters, including multiple classes. Being focused on teams of three, it makes sense then that there are three class types to choose — Light, Medium, and Heavy. Your choice of class not only changes up what your character looks like, but also what specialization, weapon, and gadgets you can use. Plus, knowing how your class functions best will make you a much more valuable asset to your team. Here’s which class you should pick when competing in The Finals.

Light class

Three contestants jumping into an arena in The Finals.
Embark Studios

Starting from the lightest and working our way up, we have the fast but squishy Light class. Your character is the most sleek and hardest to hit of the bunch, but also the lowest health to compensate. Your choice of weapons consists of pistols, an SMG, a rifle, a shotgun, and a sword, so this class requires you to get up close and personal to deal damage.

For specializations, you have three options to support this aggressive playstyle. Cloak makes you invisible if standing still, but harder to see while in motion. Grappling Hook, well, is exactly that. Dash lets you pull off a quick juke to close gaps or dodge incoming fire. Gadgets-wise, you have access to the suite of grenades, some sensors, a stun gun, and more.

Medium class

We recommend starting with the Medium build first to get a feel for how the game feels at a “normal” level. This class is balanced in basically all regards, including size, speed, and health. Your weapon options are much more versatile and let you play with range more, including a revolver, shotgun, assault rifle, and grenade launcher. This class can be thought of almost as a support role for the team, which makes more sense when we talk about its specializations.

For special abilities, Medium builds get a Healing Beam that can heal teammates, a Guardian Turret that automatically fires at enemies, and Recon Senses to temporarily make opponents visible through cover. Notable gadgets include a zipline, mines, jump pad, and defibrillator.

Heavy class

A heavy soldier in The Finals.
Embark Studios

Finally, we come to the big boy of the trio, the Heavy. This class may feel sluggish, but with a massive health pool and massive firepower, they are perfect for locking down objectives. You aren’t just a bullet sponge as a Heavy, but also the most dangerous killer with insane damage output. Just remember that you’re a big target and can’t move through open areas as easily. Stick with your team and choose smart paths to make the most use of this class. On the weapons front, you’re looking at LMGs, a shotgun, a grenade launcher, a sledgehammer, and even a flamethrower.

Heavy abilities are focused on either an aggressive or defensive style, giving you some room to tailor the class to your preferences. Charge ‘N’ Slam is your offensive choice, allowing you to dash forward and break through any obstacle in your way, or can be used in the air to slam straight down. The Goo Gun is the opposite and lets you spray orbs of goo that you can build little temporary barriers with. Mesh Shield equips you with a holographic-looking shield to deflect any incoming damage from the front, but still lets you and your teammates fire through it. The Heavy build’s gadgets are almost all explosive, such as an RPG, grenades, mines, and C4, but it also has a dome shield for variety.

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