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Best ways to level up your Mastery Rank and more in The First Descendant

The mastery rank list in The First Descendant.
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You will eventually get access to multiple Descendants you can level up in The First Descendant, but your overall level is known as your Mastery Rank. Each Descendant has different purposes and unlocks, but thankfully you can work on them both Decsendants and Mastery Rank at the same time. However, Mastery is far more important and is a bit more involved to get the benefits from compared to your Descendant level, which automatically rewards you as you level up. This free-to-play game throws a lot at you in the early hours without fully explaining everything as well as it should. Let’s make sure you’re not wasting your grinding efforts and go over the best ways to level up your Mastery Rank and Descendants in The First Descendant.

What’s the difference between Mastery Rank and Descendant levels?

These are the two ways you can level up in The First Descendant, and each one is unique in how it works.

Descendant levels are the most straightforward. As you play with a specific Descendant (which are just your different classes you can unlock and swap between), you will gain XP and level that specific Descendant up. Each Descendant level gives a minor stat boost and eventually unlocks new abilities for that class.

Mastery Ranks can be thought of as your profile or overall rank across all Descendants. It stays consistent no matter which class you pick and applies its benefits to all of them. This rank will determine how much gear you can hold, what level of gear you can equip, and the unique abilities of weapons.

Best way to grind Mastery Rank levels

A Descendant in a robot suit fires a gun in The First Descendant.

There are only three ways to earn Mastery Rank XP in The First Descendant. The first you will do naturally, which is to complete any mission for the first time or level up your Descendant or Weapon Proficiency. The final way is to level up without having any Modules filled in.

Your first method to grind levels should be to go through the entire story with your first Descendant until you hit the max Descendant level. During the process, you should also work toward gathering enough materials to unlock your second Descendant by doing some side missions as well. Once you either hit max Descendant level or finish the story, flip over to a new Descendant and run through all those old missions and activities again.

Leveling without equipping any Modules gets difficult fast once you are forced to take on the harder challenges. This method should be saved for when you have no missions left to repeat and still need more XP. The best mission we’ve found to grind so far is the Defend Albion resource Special Operation in Kingston.

How to get your Mastery Ranks

The map of albion in The First Descendant.
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The benefits of leveling your Mastery Rank, which is the whole point in doing it, are not given to you as soon as you gain enough XP. You need to cash in every individual level at a specific location back in Albion.

In the main hub, look to the left for the icon labeled “Prime Hands.” Approach the terminal next to the giant robot hands and you will be able to select your levels and rank up. A short cutscene will play and, afterwards,  you will get that rank’s benefits applied to your character. There’s no cost to unlock these ranks, so don’t delay in going back to claim them as soon as you have enough XP.

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