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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles heads to PS4, PC, and Switch this summer

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is coming to PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch worldwide on July 27, 2021, as confirmed by Capcom. This collection bundles The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and its sequel The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve, previously which were only available in Japan.

Most notable about this series is that it does not star the famous Phoenix Wright, but rather his ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodo, with events that take place around 100 years prior to the original Ace Attorney trilogy. Along the way, Naruhodo will encounter a series of characters including Kazuma Asogi, Susato Mikotoba, and of course, Herlock Sholmes (we aren’t kidding). One of this collection’s main differences is that it takes place in England, as opposed to Japan.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - Announcement Trailer | PS4

Although the setting and time period differ from what players might be used to, the sleuthing gameplay remains the same. Players will still need to evaluate crime scenes, cross-examine witnesses, and find holes in their stories to uncover the truth. Since this collection will be headed Westward, it will feature English subtitles, which is great for a non-Japanese speaking audience.

In contrast to the familiar Ace Attorney games of the past, players will need to work with the jury to persuade them one way or another in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. This collection also features a Story Mode, which allows users to simply watch the events of the narrative without having to investigate or press witnesses.

It’s worth mentioning that the worldwide release of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles was previously leaked as part of last year’s ransomware attack on Capcom.

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