‘The Last of Us’ patch adds a grim new multiplayer mode, ‘Interrogation’

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The latest update for The Last of Us, patch v1.03, introduces a brand new multiplayer mode called “Interrogation,” in addition to an assortment of fixes and tweak. Earning a victory in the 4v4 game objective-based mode is a two-step process. Your ultimate goal as a team is to break into the opposing team’s lockbox and make off with their precious supplies. In order to do that, you first need to find the lockbox, which you do by successfully interrogating members of the other team five times. To interrogate, you shiv an enemy or get him/her into a downed state and then press triangle next to their prone, helpless form.

The world of The Last of Us is a brutal one, and Interrogation highlights that fact. Here you have two groups of people that were lucky enough to survive a world-ending event. They’ve banded together and scavenged enough supplies to fill up a good-sized lockbox. Instead of hunkering down and appreciating their good fortune, they’ve chosen to double their supplies by stabbing fellow survivors in the neck. This can’t end well.

The Last of Us was released for PlayStation 3 on June 14, 2013. It was received with enthusiasm by both the critical and consumer crowds. Ryan liked it a whole bunch, and he should be pleased to learn about Interrogation, since the game’s relatively sparse initial offering of multiplayer content was a sticking point in his review.

The new mode is completely free, packaged as it is with the latest set of fixes. You can read more about the changes patch v1.03 makes in PlayStation Blog’s post on the matter. For those who think reading is stupid, you can also watch the video below for a verbal rundown of what’s up with the patch. Of course, if you think reading is stupid then you probably haven’t even gotten this far. Loser.