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Geralt waves goodbye in a touching Witcher 10-year anniversary video

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Witcher
The Witcher series has featured a lot of death, destruction, and devastation among a range of monster and human populations. After all his adventuring though, Geralt now prefers to kick back and enjoy some wine and a few games of Gwent with friends. You can believe it, too, as in a video that is one part 10-year anniversary celebration and one part fond farewell, we see him enjoying his time with a number of familiar faces.

When CD Projekt Red first picked up the rights to Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher series, it could not have imagined the impact the series would have on the role-playing genre and gaming in general. However, over the past decade, Geralt and friends have helped evolve gaming visuals and playstyles immeasurably, from the original The Witcher game, right through to Wild Hunt. But as the new anniversary video showcases, it’s not just about the developers. Geralt would never have gone on such grand adventures if it wasn’t for the players controlling him.

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“It’s been ages since we last saw each other,” Geralt’s voiceover says as the video begins, and he wants to show you what he’s been up to. As it presents to us his home and his friends, and how they’re all still in contact with one another, he talks about how all of their lives have gone on since the events of the various games they’ve taken part in.

Geralt himself seems happy. Content even. Although still possessed by that wandering, Witcher spirit, it seems to have been calmed by time and events. He may even be “getting old,” as one friend tells him.

“Been through hell and high water, you and me,” he says candidly to the player. Breaking the fourth wall isn’t something that Geralt makes a habit of, but he gives a true nod to the players who have followed his adventures for the past 10 years.

“Thanks for everything,” he says, before toasting the player with all of the characters who featured in the video thus far. It seems like a fitting send-off for them and the setting. It leaves the door open for future adventures in that world, but gives Geralt a peaceful end to his story, despite the trials and tribulations he’s been faced with over the years.

Wondering who a few of the faces are in the video above? Eurogamer has a breakdown of everyone who shows up.

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