Looking for Destiny public events? This is the resource you need

third party site tracks destiny public events

DestinyPublicEvents.com saves you the guesswork of hunting down Destiny‘s rewarding public events by maintaining a schedule of current and upcoming public events (via Joystiq). The seemingly random group activities that pop up in the game’s open worlds actually happen on a schedule. You can get the information on them from the wikis of the web, but this live tracker is much more convenient.

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Upcoming events have a timer counting down until their arrival, are color-coded for rarity, and are sorted by whether they take place on Earth, the Moon, Venus, or Mars. The site has no official affiliation with Bungie or Activision, so the the times are often a bit off, and none of the events are guaranteed, particularly if there are not enough guardians around. The site’s data will only get better over time, though, and thus will its predictive ability.

Public events are good for players of all skill levels to chase. They capture the social play aspect of Destiny really well, and they carry the promise of rare crafting material rewards, which is very helpful for the endgame. However you choose to check the schedule, you should get on the public events train sooner rather than later.

Good hunting, Guardians!