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THQ may be bankrupt, but Crytek is still working on Homefront 2


When THQ released first-person shooter Homefront in 2011, it was widely seen as a mediocre title with a few really promising ideas that, for whatever reason, never became fully fleshed out. It was a good attempt by relatively new developer Kaos Studios, and the game’s sales figures ensured that a sequel was all but inevitable.

Sadly for Kaos Studios, THQ was already feeling the pressure that lead to its eventual bankruptcy at that time and the studio was shuttered a mere three months after the release of Homefront. Despite this, THQ still seemed to value the idea of creating a Homefront 2 and tapped Crysis creator Crytek to work on the project. This is crucial as when THQ’s assets hit the auction block yesterday, Crytek stepped in and purchased the rights to Homefront 2 for a cool $500,000. In return for its half-million dollars, Crytek picked up the opportunity to continue development on Homefront 2, a franchise that Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has an immense amount of faith in.

“Since we first reached an agreement to develop Homefront 2, we’ve been firm believers in the IP and its potential to excite and amaze players,” Yerli states in this morning’s official announcement. “Our cooperation with THQ was always positive and we would like to thank them for all their support over the last two years and express our sympathy to those affected by the recent events at the company.”

Development of Homefront 2 will continue at Crytek’s Nottingham, UK studio.

“From day one, the Homefront 2 team has been committed to creating a game that takes the series to new heights and features the level of quality and innovation associated with Crytek,” said Nick Button-Brown, Crytek’s general manager of games. “Nothing has changed with regards our development of the game, and we look forward to sharing the finished product with players.”

There is currently no solid release date for Homefront 2, though we’ll bring you word just as soon as Crytek makes that info public.

Say what you will of the first Homefront, but we’re tentatively excited for the sequel. Crytek knows how to make a gorgeous, entertaining first-person shooter, and while that’ll do nothing to combat the idiotic, implausible premise behind Homefront’s “North Korea invades and subjugates the United States with no warning” storyline, at least the game should have solid mechanics and gorgeous aesthetic design.

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