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The ‘ultra’ specs for ‘Titanfall 2’ might be high, but the game looks great at 4K resolution

Titanfall 2: EXCLUSIVE Multiplayer 4K 60 FPS PC Gameplay – On TITAN X!
The specifications for Titanfall 2 might be quite steep at the top end, for its “Ultra4k60,” settings, but there is a reason for that. That designation isn’t just for show, if you match the recommended hardware for Ultra settings, you will be able to play the game at more than 60 frames per second at 4K resolution and it looks glorious.

Knowing full well that you’re not going to take its, ours, or anyone else’s word for it, developer Respawn Entertainment has released a new three-minute gameplay video showing the game in action running at the aforementioned settings. Textures and models are crisp, action is fluid and the particles fly every time an explosion is set off — it looks excellent.

Consider too, that unless you are watching this on a 4K monitor, you aren’t seeing how detailed this game really is. On top of that, what you are seeing is affected by YouTube video compression as well, so the final product will be even crisper.

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To make the game look this good, you will need an Nvidia GTX 1080, an Intel Core i7-6700K and at least 16GB of RAM — quite a tall order. If you do have this hardware though, and a 4K monitor to support it, this game will look very good indeed.

In terms of in-game action, the trailer showcases footage of the player as a Pilot placed within the cosy confines of several stomping Titans, sometimes firing off endless batteries of missiles and at other times dropping foes with a well-timed trip kick.

More than anything though, it’s apparent how fast the game is. Whether you’re on foot or laying waste to the battlefield in a Titan, you’re moving at high speed all the time. Pilots can perform all of their actions from the past and more, throwing in an occasional power slide, and the Titans themselves are often more agile than in the past, making them that bit harder to take down.

Titanfall 2 goes on sale for Xbox One, PC and PS4 on October 28.

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