Titanfall just says no to the banhammer, won’t punish early play

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If you are somehow lucky enough to get your hands on Titanfall early – whether it’s through a shady street date-breaking retail store or dark, arcane rituals involving blood sacrifice – you can rest easy in the knowledge that you won’t be punished for the “crime” of playing the game before the rest of the world does. Respawn founder Vince Zampella said as much on Twitter, writing “About playing early: We won’t stop or ban legit copies. It is prelaunch, so there may be interruptions in service as we prep servers.”

Isn’t that nice? No? You’re probably just jealous because you opted against offering up your immortal soul to the great and mighty Cthulhu in exchange for early Titanfall. Don’t fret though. You’ll miss out on a few extra days of leveling up, but you’ll also enjoy an eternity of not being enslaved to a powerful race of ancient squid-head-god-things. In Titanfall pre-release, as in all other things, there is balance.

Titanfall… um… falls on Tuesday, March 11 for PC and Xbox One. An Xbox 360 version is set to follow on March 25. We’ll have a review for you sometime next week, though we’re going to hold it until we can try the full game, post-release, to see how the servers hold up. If you’re one of the lucky few to nab it early, let us know what you think in the comments right here.