Transformers: Devastation trailer makes the series fun again

The last Transformers game, Rise of the Dark Spark, served as a great companion to Michael Bay’s latest entry in the film series, Age of Extinction — but it’s because they’re both terrible. Instead of trying to match the tone of the recent movies, Activision has enlisted the help of action game developer PlatinumGames to make Transformers fun again, and if the latest trailer for Transformers: Devastation is anything to go by, it’s a success.

“Gear up and get ready to crush some metal,” the trailer reads over a shot of Optimus Prime blasting through an oil tanker before coming face to face with Megatron.

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While PlatinumGames is best known for extremely fast combat — the best examples of which can be seen in Bayonetta 2 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance — Transformers: Devastation appears to move away from this style. In its place are heavy, powerful strikes made even better by clanging, metallic sound effects.

But Transformers: Devastation also appears to contain more, well, transforming. Tank combat and high-speed racing segments all appear to be fair game, as does a lock-on flying car attack that looks like something out of the latest Sonic the Hedgehog game. Of course, Devastator appears to be the star of the show, towering over Optimus — the famous hero yells “take this” before the screen cuts to black, at which point I am 100 percent positive he bounced off Devastator after doing no damage.

Transformers: Devastation arrives October 6 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC, but it’s just one of the projects PlatinumGames is working on. Scalebound, first revealed at last year’s E3, will be front and center at Gamescom next month, and the studio recently announced a partnership with Nintendo to develop Star Fox Zero for the Wii U. And then there’s the Metal Gear Rising sequel that totally isn’t in the works.