Transformers Pinball has the greatest trailer for a pinball machine you’ll see this week

transformers pinball has the greatest trailer for a machine youll see this weekWhen Transformers director Michael Bay does something, he does it big. Apparently, the same theme would apply to any licensed products based on his films.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that the new teaser for STERN Pinball’s upcoming pinball machine based on Bay’s monstrously successful live-action Transformers movie franchise is the coolest trailer for a pinball machine you will see all week.

Actually, you know what? Let’s say it’s the coolest pinball machine trailer you’ll see all month. We’re that confident about it.

In the teaser, a pinball machine designer appears to be working late into the night, surrounded by sketches of Optimus Prime and various other images and figure models drawn from Bay’s Transformers-verse. He hears some strange noises from the warehouse and goes to investigate, only to discover that the Transformers pinball machine has itself transformed — into a large robot with glowing white eyes.

What we don’t learn from the teaser, however, is whether the transforming pinball machine is an Autobot or a Decepticon — which leaves the fate of the poor pinball designer one of life’s little mysteries. Maybe there’s going to be a sequel?

There doesn’t seem to be any release date for Transformers Pinball at this point.