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How to find and mine iron in Valheim

Anybody that’s ever played a crafting-based game knows how valuable resource gathering is to survival. Valheim is no different. You’ll be searching this open-world Viking experience for mineral ores to craft strong weapons and armor. The more tools you unlock, the better ore you can mine. The better ore you can mine, the better quality gear you can make.

There are six different ores you’ll be able to mine and mold into weapons and armor: Copper, Iron, Tin, Silver, Black Metal, and Obsidian. However, Iron may be the most coveted among them all. You’ll use Iron to craft most endgame-tier weapons and armor. Here, we’ll go over where to mine Iron in Valheim and how to use it.

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First things first

Before you can begin your quest to mine all the ore in Valheim, you’ll first need to build a Smelter. Combine 20x Stone and 5x Surtling Core at the workbench to craft a Smelter. Keep in mind, the Smelter must be placed on open terrain and cannot be placed on an existing structure. However, you can build around your Smelter if you’re looking to develop an aesthetically pleasing workshop. Along with all your ore, you’ll also need to stockpile Coal to power the Smelter.

Coal will drop from Surtlings and can be found in random chests. Players can also craft Coal via the Charcoal Kiln. You can place any wood in the Kiln to make Coal. It’s wise to keep your Kiln and Smelter nearby as you’ll be bouncing between the two quite often. With that settled, let’s dive into how to mine and grind Iron in Valheim.

Where to find Iron

Valheim How to Get Iron

You’ll need the Antler Pickax or the Bronze Pickax to mine Iron in the Swamp Biome and Sunken Crypts. Use the Wishbone obtained by defeating Bonemass, Valheim‘s third boss, to locate Muddy Scrap Piles scattered around the area. You’ll know you’re close when the Wishbone begins to ping. Think of it as a metal detector. When it pings at its most rapid, you’ll know you’re standing over some gatherable Scrap Metal.

You’ll find more consistent deposits of Muddy Scrap Piles by exploring Sunken Crypts. They’re very hard to miss as they glow in bright green light and are surrounded by enemies. However, you won’t be able to access the Crypts without the Swamp Key obtained from defeating The Elder, Valheim‘s second boss.

Finally, the last bastion to find Iron in Valheim is to kill Oozers and mine Meteor Craters. Both these methods are rare, though. You’re better off sticking to Sunken Crypts and using the Wishbone.

Smelting and using Iron

Once you’ve found as many pieces of Scrap Metal as you can carry, head back to your Smelter and get smelting. Combine 2x Coal with 1x Scrap Metal to create an Iron Bar. These Iron Bars will be your primary resource in building all of Valheim‘s late-game craftables. Not only is Iron integral in crafting weapons and armor, but it’s going to be a key ingredient in every significant tool and upgrade.

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