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This is what the 'Warcraft' sequel will be about … if they decide to make it

Warcraft didn’t light up the domestic box office when it was released last year, but its strong performance overseas may be enough to ensure that a sequel is made. While there’s still no guarantee that a follow-up will enter production, we now know a little bit about where initial ideas for Warcraft 2 will take (or would have taken) the story.

Director Duncan Jones took to Twitter to answer fan questions about the project earlier this week. The film was always intended to launch a franchise, and it seems that Jones had taken this into account even during the early conceptual process.

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The director commented on a piece of concept art depicting Ogrim wearing Doomplate armor, according to a report from Gamespot. He noted that this particular piece of armor would have ended up in the sequel, if it were to be made.

Jones went on to elaborate that we’d see more changes to the gear used by the Orcs. The first film saw the horde travel to the world of Azeroth after their homeland of Draenor became uninhabitable, and apparently the second would have seen them upgrade their armor-forging techniques as they learned about their new environment.

The sequel would have also featured a scene where the floating city of Dalaran landed among the Alterac mountains. Magic use would have apparently become much more common after the events of the first film, as the group of mages known as the Kirin Tor would have been less secluded from society.

At this point, the prospect of a sequel to Warcraft hangs in the balance. The first movie was a big success in China, but given its failure to perform in other regions, any follow-up would likely receive a far smaller budget — and that means that any existing plans for its storyline might have to be shelved for something more cost effective.

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