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Call of Duty: Warzone’s new map is a breath of fresh air, but these 5 things would make it better

A highlight of the recently released Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 update is the new Fortune’s Keep map, which has temporarily taken the place of Rebirth Island. It’s a stunning creation by High Moon Studios, offering blisteringly fast-paced gameplay, with tons of different ways to get around and beautiful visuals that will no doubt keep players engaged. This map likely won’t pull you in if you aren’t already a Warzone player, but those who have been looking for a reason to come back will be impressed.

Still, Fortune’s Keep has several flaws that hold it back, some of which are relatively straightforward, while others are more complex. Activision and High Moon Studios are aware of some of these issues, and will likely fix them in the coming weeks. But what sorts of problems hold Fortune’s Keep back? These are five improvements that would make the new Resurgence map even better.

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More Buy Stations

Map of Fortune's Keep highlighting lack of Buy Stations in Warzone.

Grabbing a loadout, gas mask, Self-Revive Kit, or other essential items can be a chore on Fortune’s Keep, particularly due to the low number of Buy Stations throughout. During any given match, a random number of Buy Stations will appear at certain locations, but it never seems to be enough. What ends up happening is that certain Buy Stations will pull a large portion of players in, causing them to be unintentional choke points containing most of the action. This can severely impact the pacing and is a general frustration when trying to make progress during a match. Not only is the number of Buy Stations lacking, but they often feel far too condensed, with certain hubs containing more than one while sweeping portions of the map don’t have one at all.

Cash pool increase

Cash on the Fortune's Keep map in Warzone.

The cash pool on Fortune’s Keep seems to be oddly lacking as well, though it seems to be inconsistent. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself with an overabundance of cash — typically when you don’t need it as much — and other times, you can’t find a single dollar to save your life. There are plenty of chests around the map, many of which respawn after a certain amount of time; we just wish more of them contained cash to help during regain situations. Simply having more cash available as floor loot would help as well. Giving players more cash to pick up could solve the problem too, especially during regain situations.

Wider variety of routes to reach higher ground

The Keep area of the new Warzone Fortune's Keep map.

One of the best aspects of Fortune’s Keep is its emphasis on verticality, allowing you to jump across rooftops, zipline up to the top of tall buildings to reset a gunfight, or even leap from the top of a balcony to get a better angle on the competition. It’s legitimately one of the standout aspects of the map, but sadly, there seem to be too few ways to actually reach the top of certain structures. This isn’t always the case, but sometimes — especially if an enemy has you trapped — it can be near impossible to reach the upper floor of Keep or even the main level above the caves. Sure, we’ll likely learn all the routes as we gain more experience with the map, but as it stands, an additional ladder, rappel, or set of stairs would make a world of difference.

UAV bug fix

UAVs are also Currently Bugged on Fortune's Keep

Caldera Starts at Center and Pulses Out for a Fixed Distance
Rebirth (AUAV Shown) Starts at Center and Pulses Out for a Fixed Distance
Fortune's Keep Sweeps Whole Map from West to East

Thoughts on the Bug?

— James – JGOD (@JGODYT) June 23, 2022

Here’s an odd one: There’s currently a bug with the way UAVs work on Fortune’s Keep. On every other map thus far, a UAV starts from the middle and pulses outwards in a circular fashion, evenly revealing enemies across the map. But on Fortune’s Keep, the UAV sweeps from west to east, leaving certain players at a disadvantage for a brief moment. It’s surely a bug, because UAVs don’t work like this on any other map or mode and have always pulsated from the middle out. The biggest issue with this is that it can cause you to make a poor decision because of an unrevealed enemy to your east.

Increased player count

Soldiers at Fortune's Keep in Warzone.

While Fortune’s Keep offers tremendously fast-paced gameplay that takes place in close-quarters situations, the pacing does seem to decline toward the end of a match. This isn’t unusual, but there seems to be a major disparity in movement toward the latter stages of a match that seems disproportionate to the size of the island. On Fortune’s Keep, the player count is maxed out at around 40 (slightly more for smaller team modes), which is equal to Rebirth Island — a map that’s less than half the size. It would make more sense to increase the player count of Fortune’s Keep to 60-plus to ensure the lobbies stay healthy throughout a match’s duration, not just at the beginning. This will keep players engaged longer and add to the fun, while preserving the pacing.

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