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Where to buy Metroid Dread: Special Edition and amiibo

Nintendo shocked us all when it announced Metroid Dread at E3 2021. This will be the first original 2D Metroid game to come out in 19 years, so it’s absolutely been a long time coming. Alongside the regular edition of the game, Nintendo also announced a Special Edition, which comes with lots of extra goodies, as well as an amiibo set featuring Samus herself and an EMMI robot.

The problem is that, in typical Nintendo fashion, the Special Edition and amiibo set have been near impossible to find, with retailers selling out within the first day. Since then, certain retailers have replenished stock of each item but have sold out within minutes, making it frustrating to get ahold of these items.

While we can’t guarantee getting your hands on either of these products, we can point you to certain retailers that have recently had stock. We’ll also provide any other tips we can come up with that could help make your search a little easier.

Here’s where to buy the Metroid Dread: Special Edition and amiibo.

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Where to get the Metroid Dread Special Edition


Before getting into where to find the Metroid Dread Special Edition, let’s first cover what comes with it. It retails for $90 and includes:

  • A physical copy of the game
  • Steelbook case
  • Art cards
  • 190-page art book

Below are various retailers that have carried it recently:

Where to get the Metroid Dread amiibo set


The Metroid Dread amiibo set retails for $35 and comes with Samus and the EMMI figures. The Samus figure grants you a health pack in-game, while the EMMI robot gives you an extra missile pack. Typically with amiibo you can only use them once every 12 hours or so, but that can be circumvented if you alter your system’s clock.

Here are the retailers that have carried the amiibo set recently:

What else can you do to find the Metroid Dread Special Edition and amiibo?

When visiting the various retailers mentioned above, you might not have much luck. That said, there are other avenues you can take to attempt getting one of the Metroid Dread products.

One of the best methods is to follow Twitter user Wario64 to be updated when certain retailers have the newest and hottest products. Wario64 recently tweeted out about both the above-listed products, though they’ve since sold out. Still, turning on notifications of this Twitter user is a great way to stay informed.

Nintendo Amiibo Metroid Dread 2 Pack at Walmart #ad

— Wario64 (@Wario64) June 17, 2021

Typically, this user is well aware of the products consumers want and has been known to tweet out links to PS5s, Xbox Series X systems, and other hard-to-find items. Just be sure to click the link tweeted by Wario64 as soon as you can so you don’t miss out.

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