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The next patch for The Witcher 3 will bring a new (optional) movement style

The Witcher 3-Wild Hunt
Not only was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt a huge game at launch, but CD Projekt RED has been keeping the content coming with a steady stream of free DLC since launch. Unfortunately, we’re not getting any of that free DLC this week, but a patch is on the way that is almost as good.

Yesterday CD Project’s Marcin Momot detailed the upcoming patch, which will bring the game to version 1.07 on all platforms, in a short forum post. The requisite performance enhancements and bug fixes are present, but so are a number of key improvements and changes to the game’s mechanics.

Since The Witcher 3‘s release, there have been complaints about how Geralt controls — specifically the time it takes to go from standing still to moving and how fast he moves once he gets going. This is fine in the game’s large outdoor environments, but it can make navigating a cramped tavern tricky.

Patch 1.07 will introduce a new “movement response mode” for Geralt that likely aims to resolve this issue. If you like the way the game controls at present, don’t worry: this new mode is entirely optional, so players will get to try both and pick the movement style they prefer.

Other key changes affect how the game’s inventory system works. First, a player stash for storing items has been implemented and can be accessed throughout the game at various locations that are marked on the player’s map. Second, crafting and alchemy items no longer add to the overall inventory weight, meaning you’ll no longer move slower just because you picked up a few too many Sewant mushrooms.

The full list of changes detailed in the post is below:

  • A new, alternative (optional) movement response mode for Geralt.
  • A player stash for storing items, available in various locations throughout the game. Stash locations are marked on the player’s map.
  • Crafting and alchemy components no longer add to the overall inventory weight.
  • Books are now placed in a dedicated tab in the Inventory and books that have already been read are properly grayed out.
  • Multiple sorting options are now available in the Inventory.
  • Alchemy formulas and crafting diagrams can be “pinned,” meaning all components and ingredients required to make them will be conveniently marked in the Shop panel.
  • Dozens of fixes for quest related issues, both major and minor.
  • A few performance enhancements, including the optimization of FX, scenes and general gameplay.
  • Various improvements to horse behavior.

There is no word on when exactly the patch will be available, but Momot wrote that the “full change list for the patch 1.07 will be coming later this week. Stay tuned for info about the release of the update itself.”

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