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Xbox Insider program opens its doors to all Xbox One owners

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Much like the Windows Insider program, the Xbox Insider members can test out upcoming features on their Xbox One before they go live for the masses. Now, Microsoft has announced plans to open up admissions to anyone who wants to opt in.

Previously, only certain Xbox Live members were invited to take part in these tests, according to a report from Gamespot. The doors are now being flung wide open for everyone, but there are certain tiers to the program that determine what individuals will get access to.

The basic group is labeled Omega, and will be used to test minor tweaks to the most recent monthly update. Members of the Omega group will typically get those monthly updates a little earlier than the bulk of users.

Then there’s the Delta group, which is open to anyone who has been an Xbox Insider for more than a month, and has attained Xbox Insider Level 2 or higher by participating and providing feedback. These testers might get to tinker with new features ahead of time, but not all of them will receive the same updates simultaneously.

The next step up is the Beta group, which is open to any Xbox One owner who has been an Insider for over three months, and is sitting at Insider Level 4 or higher.

The zenith of the Insider hierarchy is the Alpha group, which is invite-only. Beta and Delta group members who provide a lot of feedback, issue clear instructions on how to reproduce problems, and are particularly active will sporadically be given the opportunity to graduate to Alpha.

However, there’s a caveat to these tests: If your internet bandwidth is a concern, the higher tiers might not be a good idea. The Alpha ring will receive around 15 to 20 updates a month, which could tear through as much as 60 and 80 GB of bandwidth. Lower tiers aren’t quite so intensive, with the Omega group expected to use between 4 and 32 GB across up to eight updates.

For more details on the Insider program, as well instructions on how to sign up, check out the announcement post published this week via Xbox Wire.

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