Xbox One April update to fix headset adapter, headset audio issues

xbox one april update fix headset adapter audio issues

The forthcoming April update for Xbox One makes a number of improvements, but the big one for most will be the fixing of ongoing audio issues related to the console controller’s headset adapter. The little plastic attachment plugs into the bottom of your controller, which lets you plug in and use any chat-capable headset. Unfortunately, static, audio drops, and other sound-related issues have been a widespread problem since the adapter was released. You can get around it by plugging your controller into the console, but the latest system update should eliminate the issue completely.

The new Xbox Wire post also reveals that the update makes a tweak to the the Blu-ray Player app, adding support for 50Hz video output with content recorded at 50Hz. The update will also pave the way for future system updates to automatically download and install themselves for users that have their console set to operate in low-power mode. Previously, the Xbox One would download game updates on its own in this state, but system updates required a manual reboot.

Microsoft previously confirmed that the Xbox One’s April firmware upgrade would add features like pop-up friend notifications, a list of recently updated apps, and improvements to Kinect voice and motion support. All we need now is a release date; there’s no word yet on when the update will be live.