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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is adding a very mechanical DLC hero

A new mechanical hero is joining in the next wave of Xenoblade Chronicle 3’s DLC. This fresh party member named Ino is a part of the game’s expansion pass, which is split up into four volumes.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass Wave 2 | Nintendo Direct September 2022

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 launched earlier this year to a widely positive reaction, blowing away all expectations set by Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Ino is a fully robotic character such as Kos-Mos and other series icons that’s completely new to the title and the rest of the Xenoblade franchise. Her new update comes packed in with a fresh quest to unlock her, which also serves as her introduction.

Wave two of the expansion pass also comes with a new mode called Challenge Battles. Here, players are tasked with fighting in high-difficulty consecutive battles against various enemy hordes and bosses alike. In completing all enemy waves of this mode, they’re graded and given rewards. The rewards change based on the completion time and rank. Players can also challenge stronger enemies in this mode to earn valuable accessories and special outfits, such as the shown-off bathing suits, for party members.

The Nintendo Direct also confirmed that wave three of the expansion pass features another new hero and more tough challenges. These tough challenges entail a new updated Challenge Battles mode featuring an updated ruleset and maybe new enemy waves for the new mode.

You can get the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 expansion pass for $30 right now through the Nintendo eShop and be ready for wave two when it releases with Challenge Battles and its new hero Ino on October 15.

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