Here’s everything we know about Yoshi’s cardboard adventure for Switch

At E3 2017, Nintendo focused on the characters and franchises that fans know best, including everyone’s favorite green dinosaur. As shown in the brief, but revealing, trailer, Yoshi will star in his own game on Nintendo Switch in 2018. While Nintendo kept many details under wraps, we gleaned a fair bit from the trailer about Yoshi’s foray onto Nintendo’s hybrid console. Here is everything we know about Yoshi’s game for Switch.

Currently untitled

While Nintendo doesn’t do this very often for games that have trailers, a title was not provided for Yoshi’s Switch adventure. Considering that the game only has a 2018 release window at this point, there is plenty of time for Nintendo to work out a name. In fact, Nintendo did the very same thing for a Kirby game that was also announced for Switch at E3 2017.

A two-sided world made of cardboard

yoshi switch roundup

At the start of the trailer, a sign reads: “There are two sides to every story.” Then the sign flips and declares: “And every stage.” Although it’s a Yoshi game, the set pieces look more so out of the Paper Mario series. Everything looks to be made of cardboard and construction paper. The design isn’t just an aesthetic choice, however, as Yoshi can use his ground-pound move to turn stages around, and complete them from the other side of cardboard. Essentially, each stage has two settings and it seems as if you can switch the orientation as much or as little as you want. While it’s not quite a choose-your-own-adventure game, the switching mechanic gives each stage a level of complexity not seen in other Yoshi platformers.

A sidescroller … for the most part

yoshi switch roundup

Like most Yoshi titles, Yoshi’s first Switch game is largely a 2D sidescroller, but with a bit of a twist. While stages are set up from start to finish horizontally, Yoshi moves vertically up and down throughout to enter structures and nab coins. Additionally, Yoshi’s egg throw can be aimed anywhere, as shown when he hits enemies with diagonal tosses.

Multiple Yoshis

yoshi switch roundup

Nintendo only showed the trailer, choosing not to discuss specific features, but from the looks of it, Yoshi on Switch will be playable with friends. We see two Yoshi’s, red and green, working together through much of the trailer. While it is possible that one of the Yoshi’s will be controlled by artificial intelligence, simply serving as a follower, given the Switch’s unique features, it would not be surprising for the game to feature single Joy-Con controls for local (probably not online) co-op.

Familiar and unfamiliar foes

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Throughout the trailer, we see a great number of Shy Guys and a few Piranha Plants. In terms of run-of-the-mill enemies, that is all we get for now, but in the final sequence of the trailer, Yoshi enters a game board-like map. Steamrolling and jumping on and off the drawn railroad tracks is a dragon train, presumably one of the game’s bosses.

A Yoshi’s Woolly World sequel?

yoshi switch roundup

In Yoshi’s most recent adventure, Yoshi’s Woolly World for Wii U (Poochy and Yoshi’s Woolly World on 3DS), Baby Bowser enlisted Kamek to turn Yoshi and all of his friends into yarn. While Yoshi ends up saving the day, Kamek and Baby Bowser escape, and end up crashing on the moon. While there’s no sign of Kamek or Baby Bowser in the reveal trailer, Yoshi’s character model looks very similar to his design in Woolly World. Sure, the game world looks mightily different, but there is a chance that Yoshi happened to stumble into the cardboard world after the events of his last adventure.

When can you play Yoshi’s next adventure?

“Yoshi” for Nintendo Switch is slated for 2018. Unfortunately, no specifics beyond that vague release window have been provided at this time. Like most big Nintendo games, expect to learn more about Yoshi’s next adventure during a future Nintendo Direct presentation. But it could be a while before we see the game in action again.