Don’t skip leg day! Runtastic just added Leg Trainer to its body of fitness apps

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Runtastic has everything. It’s the umbrella for a suite of modern fitness programs and gadgets, including apps for running, biking, and general fitness tracking. Add to those apps their wearbables like their GPS watch, or the Orbit – their all-day tracking FitBit-like wristband – and the Runtastic ecosystem has something for everyone, no matter your level of athleticism (or lack thereof) They even have apps that target specific areas of the body that need work: Six Pack and the Runtastic Butt Trainer. The newest addition is the Runtastic Leg Trainer, now out for iOS, Android and Apple Watch.

Much like its abdominal and gluteal brethren, the star of the Runtastic Leg Trainer is a 3D Avatar that acts as a virtual personal trainer. When you start off, the app asks you to fill in your height and weight. Then you can set a level of difficulty and Angie, your trainer will guide you through a series of workouts over the course of a few days that hit your target area in dead center.

The Runtastic Leg Trainer app will start easy on you with a predesigned workout like Pilate Legs or Firm in Five Minutes, but you can switch it up by picking a different workout, or making your own. Mix and match more than 50 different exercises into your own exercise plan. Add Pile Squats, Supine Circles and Single Leg Deadlifts, pick the number of sets and reps, and then choose the length of the pause between sets. Make it as easy or as hard as you want. When you’re done, brag to the world via Facebook, Google, or your other fave social media outlet.

Runtastic leg trainer app

The Apple Watch version is especially convenient, since Watch wearers can see the trainer on their wrists. This is the fourth Runstastic available for Apple Watch, so if you have that versatile new piece of wrist wear, check out their other app options.

All the info from your apps is visible on your Runtastic dashboard, the desktop portal. Your dashboard shows a live feed of other Runtastic users out having fun, your activity, calories burned, weight changes and heart rate measurements, if you have any. Grab a Runtastic Bluetooth heart rate monitor or their smart scale, the Libra, to get deeper analysis of your body mass index, base metabolic rate, muscle mass and more to help you crush it in those workouts. What’s left? Arms. We all expect an Arms Trainer App, too, but no news on it yet.

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