Go green at the gym with Eco-Powr workout equipment from SportsArt

We’ve all been there. Your keep telling yourself to start going to the gym, but you keep finding excuses not to go. Would it be easier if you knew you could be helping the environment with a simple cardio workout? Eco-Powr equipment from SportsArt takes the energy you burn and converts it into usable energy.

One person alone can make a small difference but by multiplying efforts across several machines and you start to see some big results. Continue expanding that number with multiple gyms and the benefits grow exponentially.

Breaking down the math makes this even more impressive. According to Eco-Powr’s website, a single workout can produce more than 160 kWh of electricity. Just multiplying this by 10 machines being used 16 hours a day for one whole year, brings the production to 10,000 kWh hours. How much is that worth? Roughly 6.9 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Still, visualizing that much gas can be difficult. To put it simply, this is equivalent to the annual emissions from 16,418 miles driven by a car. This also matches the emissions from burning 7,407 pounds of coal and the amount of carbon within 177 tree seedlings grown for 10 years. All this from a modest-sized gym’s worth of Eco-Powr equipment.

Currently, this energy-saving equipment is used in about 400 different facilities across the United States. Within a year, the company plans to double this number. When more gyms realize the energy savings they earn from using SportsArt machines, the number will continue to grow. Not only do the machines translate to energy savings, but people are more inclined to use a gym when it means that they can help the planet at the same time. This means more memberships and even more people on the machines.

If you have a favorite gym in your area, why not talk to them about Eco-Powr? Odds are they aren’t aware that the technology is there for them. With each new machine, we help give back a little more.