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Warning: Epic bike stunts; do not try at home

In America, bike stunts are traditionally the realm of BMXers and motorcyclists. Not so in Germany, where the Artistic Cycling World Championship draws 10,000 visitors every three years. If you’re looking for something non-touristy to do on your next European vacation, cycling sports is definitely where it’s at. Normally it’s performed in extremely tight leggings in a pristine open space, but it’s more awesome to watch the eight-time champ David Schnabel show off in normal clothes, bobbing and weaving through obstacles. Thanks to People Are Awesome for this video.

People are Awesome: David Schnabel (Artistic Cycling) - Part 2

Yes, bike stunts are usually done by BMXers when they take over the skate park or by mountain bikers rock-hopping across terrain the rest of us would break an ankle just walking across. That’s probably why the cycling world’s eyes popped out watching this $10,000-plus road bike doing tricks usually reserved for bikes with fat tires and shocks. Martyn Ashton, a multiple Biketrial champion, bike high jump world record holder, head of team Ashton Diamondback and exhibition stage designer, made Road Bike Party, showcasing the kinds of stunts that made people ask how many bikes and tires he went through during filming. The answer: One.

Martyn Ashton - Road Bike Party

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Following the success of Road Bike Party 1, Ashton knew he wanted to go even bigger for RBP2. He thought the bike had to be even bigger and badder; “the Ferrarri of bicycles,” he said. Colnago made the first production road bike with disc brakes and Hope put it together for the project, so as conditions changed the braking didn’t, making all the wet scenes possible. Even though Shimano “wouldn’t advise” taking their incredibly expensive Di2 electric shifter down a waterslide and dunking it in water, Ashton and his team did it, and the bike survived. And yes, this video was also done on just one set of wheels. Thanks, Global Cycling Network.

Road Bike Party 2 - Martyn Ashton

RBP2 was shot using a DSLR, a boom, a steadycam, cablecam, glidetrack, and of course a few Go Pros  for the slow-mo scenes and some of the more awesome perspective shots, like the backwards endo – the front wheel balance down the wet curving hill.  There is another Road Bike Party, but Ashton is behind the scenes of that one. Ashton was paralyzed during a trials demo in September 2013, but he’s still awesome. Check out his Facebook page and his website Try Before July for further proof of his awesomeness. Don’t forget RBP3, starring Sam Pilgrim and shot in San Diego. The insanity continues, and we love them for it.

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