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Put it where? Perifit turns kegal exercises into an app game

Perifit is a combination of an app game and a pelvic floor strengthening device. Currently a campaign on Indiegogo, Perifit is a vaginal sensor that connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. It is designed to help improve bladder control, improve core strength, and even improve sex. The vaginal sensor is made of silicon to promote flexibility and comfort. Within Perifit lies an on/off button, circuitry, and two different sensors that allow women to play video games on the Perifit app using solely their pelvic muscles.

After inserting the flexible silicon device, users can launch the app and choose a program option — postpartum, sex, or incontinence, for instance. Users can also choose various levels and track their progress through the app. Think of it like Flappy Birds, except you control a butterfly instead of a bird, and the game is hands-free, of course.

Artem Rodionov and his team, which includes experts ranging from designers to physiotherapists, will begin shipping the product in April 2017. The Paris, France based team has been developing the product since March 2015, and the Indiegogo Campaign began in December 2016.

The device surpassed its funding goal by more than 1600 percent. The Indiegogo campaign met its flexible goal of $10k almost instantly, and to date, the campaign has brought in more than $162k from 1282 backers. For Indiegogo backers, Perifit costs $99 for the vaginal sensor and the app, and $119 if you add an accessory pack, which includes a velvet sleeve, medical lube gel, and antiseptic cleaning gel. For the first month available, however, you can buy it for $89 with limited quantities available. It will come with the sensor, accessories, and the dedicated app compatible with both iOS and Android.

If you are experiencing bladder control issues, or you just want to strengthen your pelvic muscles, Perifit appears to be an interesting and viable option. Before backing any product on crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo, it’s wise to remain aware of that backing a product is not the same as buying it from a store or an online retailer.

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