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Sunscreenr will help you better apply sunscreen this summer

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It’s skin cancer awareness month, and to ensure that you’re protecting yourself properly from the harmful rays of the sun, there’s a new product making its debut on Kickstarter. Meet Sunscreenr, a revolutionary device that enables consumers to see sunscreen as they apply it, whether to themselves, their family, or their friends.


The tiny viewer, which is both waterproof and super durable, measures just three inches by two inches, and is an easy way to determine which parts of your skin have been covered with sunscreen, and which parts are still woefully exposed. Simply look through the little device to check out your coverage, and better determine when it’s time to reapply sunblock after a swim, a sweat, or a toweling off. To check yourself out, you can record a short selfie video with the device, then replay it for your own benefit.

“We designed Sunscreenr to protect our own families,” say founders Dave Cohen and Jon Meyer. “Each of us has watched family members struggle with skin cancer. We wanted to create a way to better protect our children and ourselves from sun damage.”


Sunscreenr’s patent-pending technology makes it easier and more efficient to really visualize the protection provided, or not provided, by sunscreen, and given the rapid onset of the summer and outdoor activities, it’s high time to be applying those lotions.

“While sunscreen can significantly reduce our chances of getting skin cancer, most people only apply about 25 to 50 percent of the sunscreen they need, and since sunscreen is clear after application, there hasn’t been an easy way to know when to reapply it … until now,” said Cohen. “With Sunscreenr, we’ve taken powerful imaging technology used by scientists and re-imagined it in a simple device that makes it easy to see if your skin is protected.”

When you look through Sunscreenr, dark areas that are protected by sunscreen are juxtaposed against light areas that are still vulnerable to sunburns, sun spots, and other forms of sun damage.

“We all know that UV rays are harmful to skin, in any exposure,” said Louise Twiselton, M.D., a Greensboro, NC pediatrician. “Sunscreenr appears to be a great potential solution to help parents ensure their children are well protected from the sun. I will tell my patients’ parents to consider Sunscreenr as a complement to their sun care regimen.”

You can currently pre-order a Sunscreenr via Kickstarter for $74, which is 32 percent below the planned retail price of $109.

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