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Under Armour announces new running shoes with tracking and other smart features

These days, runners are using technology to understand much more about their performance and their recovery. Under Armour has announced three new running shoes that will not only track your run, but offer insight into muscle fatigue before a workout.

Powering these smart shoes is Under Armour’s MapMyRun app. Here you can check out detailed workout stats including cadence, real-time pace, and the overall mileage lifetime of the shoe. All this, plus the standard tracking information, is captured without ever needing to recharge the shoe.

Included in these shoes is the newest performance feature called the Jump Test. To get started, the sensors in the shoes measure and average the air time of a sequence of jumps. With the data recorded, this test can then be used to check muscle fatigue. It can track an athlete’s recovery over time and provide immediate information on how to alter a workout’s intensity.

Because the Jump Test is user specific, the shoes are calibrated to the wearer. A sprinter is different from a long-distance runner, so their benchmarks need to be different.

“We are taking a scientific approach to recovery that is directly utilizing real-time data from your body to determine what level of workout you should execute to guide your training,” said Mike Lee, Chief Digital Officer at Under Armour. “We know one of the biggest problems runners face is pushing through pain and fatigue, leading to injury. The Jump Test in MapMyRun is a critical first step for runners and will help avoid the ‘training hangover’ many athletes face by giving them awareness into their ability to perform.”

Each of the new shoes was built with different runners in mind and will retail starting at $140. Starting January 5, the shoes will be available for pre-order. For more information, you can sign up for the Under Amour email list.

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