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Zepp wants to help bring out the tennis star in all of us with its $150 Tennis 2.0 sensor

On May 15, Sony announced the Smart Tennis Sensor, a small sensor that provides a wide variety of tennis-related data to a player. Now, wearable sports tech experts Zepp are on the counter-offensive with the newly announced Zepp Tennis 2.0. Much like the original Smart Tennis Sensor, Tennis 2.0 sticks to the handle of your racket — no, you don’t wear it, your racket does — and measures three main areas: Intensity, Consistency, and Power.

Intensity is for monitoring how many shots you take, plus your total active and inactive times, while Consistency measures how often you hit your sweet spot when it comes to your forehand, backhand, and serve. Finally, Power looks at how fast you swing your racket and provides feedback on ball spin. Both Consistency and Power break down each shot by forehand, backhand, topspin, flat, and slice.

All this data is viewed on the Zepp Tennis 2.0 app for iOS and Android, which also has cool features where you can overlay your serve stats with someone else’s, such as a tennis coach or pro, and view your serve history and track your performance over time. In addition, 3D Serve Practice offers 3D serve analysis, while Play Tracking keeps track and aggregates your swing data about your forehand, backhand, and serve during either one of your practice sessions or matches.

If all that sounds tempting, Zepp then sweetens the deal by undercutting the price of Sony’s Smart Tennis Sensor by $50, meaning it works out at $150. It’s available right now at Apple retail stores, most Best Buy and Verizon stores, Tennis Warehouse, and through Zepp itself. The Tennis 2.0 app is a free download from the App Store and Google Play.

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