Aperion Audio bucks Black Friday trend, starts sales now

aperion audio intimus 5b harmony sdWhile most companies are teasing their holiday deals and holding out for Black Friday sales, Internet-direct speaker maker Aperion Audio is thumbing its nose at the holiday craze by making its seasonal deals available today.

According to Aperion marketing VP Ed de la Fuente, the company hopes to afford customers an alternative to a clutch decision made amidst a frenzied stampede of shoppers and lower quality, loss-leader products.

Aperion’s three holiday deals are live on its website now and will run until November 30th. The deals include $400 off a 5.1 system based on its 5.5-inch bookshelf speaker, $100 off a pair of its wireless speakers, and $400 off a 5.1 speaker system featuring its slim Verus Forte towers, which won our Editor’s Choice award back in March.