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OLED TV Black Friday deals: LG, Samsung, and Sony

Whether you’re a seasoned home cinema enthusiast or you’re just building a high-end living room or basement theater for the first time, then an OLED TV is what you should be looking for. OLED, short for organic light-emitting diode, is a panel technology that forgoes traditional LED backlighting in favor of self-lit pixels that deliver superb color accuracy and unrivaled contrast. OLED TVs are considerably more expensive than their LED and QLED counterparts, however, so it’s worth the time to hunt down a good discount. The best Black Friday deals are here to help you do just that, and so are we. Below, we’ve scooped up all the best OLED TV Black Friday deals available this week from top brands including LG, Samsung, and Sony.

Top 5 OLED TV Black Friday Deals

LG 48-inch A2 OLED 4K WebOS TV — $570, was $1,300

An LG 55-inch A2 Series 4K OLED Smart TV sits in a living room.

Most OLED TVs that are larger than 50 inches will set you back north of a grand, but if your size needs are a bit more modest, then this 48-inch LG A2 OLED television is by far one of the best Black Friday TV deals available now. LG makes a wide range of OLED TVs (it’s the brand that pioneered OLED panel technology, after all), with the A2 series being aimed at budget-conscious buyers. Despite its reasonable price, the LG A2 OLED TV has some impressive features apart from its gorgeous OLED screen. It has Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built right in, and it offers high dynamic range support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG. The WebOS software interface puts all of the top streaming apps at your fingertips and also features a built-in Game Optimizer that automatically adjusts the TV’s settings for gaming.

Sony 55-inch Bravia XR A80J OLED 4K Google TV — $1,000, was $1,900

Sony 55-inch Bravia OLED TV in living room.

If you want an OLED television and have a grand to spend, then OLED TV Black Friday deals don’t get much better than the Sony A80J. In our review, we stated that this OLED TV is one of the best ever made, noting its nearly perfect picture quality, excellent built-in speakers (which are often lacking, even on many good TVs), and smooth interface. We also found the included three-way flexible stand to be a nice touch. The OLED panel has a smooth 120Hz refresh rate as well as support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, and Hybrid Long-Gamma HDR TV formats, letting you get the most out of today’s entertainment, although the Bravia XR A80J TV’s processor can also upscale legacy content to make it suitable for viewing on a modern 4K OLED display. Four HDMI inputs (two of which are HDMI 2.1) also give you plenty of hookups for media players, a gaming console, and other input devices.

LG 65-inch B2 OLED 4K WebOS TV — $1,300, was $1,900

An LG B2 OLED 4K Smart TV attached to a wall above an entertainment center in a living room.

Among LG’s mid-range OLED TV offerings sits the B2 series. The 65-inch LG B2 OLED 4K TV is the ideal size for living rooms and other larger common areas, and it boasts a bevy of great features that make it a great television for everything from streaming to gaming. LG’s WebOS interface gives you easy access to all of your streaming apps and content libraries, while Dolby Vision HDR and Filmmaker Mode make sure that your shows and movies look like the directors intended them to. The OS also features Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built in, letting you control everything using your voice via the included Magic Remote. For gaming, the LG B2 OLED TV has two HDMI 2.1 ports, a 120Hz variable refresh rate, an automatic Game Optimizer mode, and both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync for smooth gameplay.

Samsung 65-inch S95B OLED 4K Tizen TV — $1,800, was $2,300

Snowy scenery on the Samsung S95B OLED.
Riley Young/Digital Trends

Samsung is best known for its QLED TVs, a technology it pioneered. In recent years, however, the Korean tech titan has thrown its hat into the OLED TV ring, giving Sony and LG some extra competition. The new Samsung S95B OLED TV is one of the brand’s best efforts yet; although Samsung calls it OLED, the panel of this TV should be more accurately called QD-OLED, as it combines its gorgeous OLED panel with the quantum-dot overlay found in QLED TVs. This is a unique technology Samsung developed in a clear attempt to steal a chunk of LG’s pie, and it worked. The Samsung S95B puts out an absolutely stunning picture that combines the color and contrast of an OLED TV with the brightness and vibrancy of a QLED panel. On top of that, the Samsung S95B 4K OLED TV sports a 120Hz refresh rate, HDR10+ and HLG support, HDMI 2.1 ports, and built-in Alexa and Google Assistant. However, it does lack a few things such as Dolby Vision support and vertical sync technology, which are a couple of compromises to be aware of.

LG 65-inch G2 OLED Evo 4K WebOS TV — $2,200, was $2,800

LG G2 OLED TV with a lion's face on the display.
Riley Young/Digital Trends

Although LG faces stiff competition from brands like Sony and Samsung, it’s still arguably the leader of the OLED TV space, and the LG G2 OLED Evo TV is the cream of the crop. This 65-inch 4K WebOS television pretty much does it all, from delivering a gorgeous cinematic picture to handling next-gen gaming. LG’s α9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K, Dolby Vision IQ HDR, Dolby Atmos sound, and Filmmaker Mode let you enjoy a theatrical experience right at home, while four HDMI 2.1 ports, Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync, a 120Hz variable refresh rate, and automatic Game Optimizer work to deliver an immersive gaming experience as well. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are also integrated into the WebOS software interface for hands-free voice control and easy integration into your smart home ecosystem, if you have one. The LG G2 television does it all and has a price tag that reflects that, but OLED TV Black Friday deals let you enjoy a very nice discount right now.

More OLED TV Black Friday Deals

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