Asus Zaps HD Wirelessly to Your HDTV with Amimon

asus zaps hd wirelessly to your hdtv with amimon whdi wicast ew2000

Asus certainly won’t be the first company to dabble with wireless HD – we took a look at Iogear’s $900 solution back in July – but with an MSRP of just $199, the upcoming Asus WiCast EW2000 PC may just be one of the most promising for cash-strapped home theater enthusiasts. On Tuesday, Asus announced that it has partnered with Amimon, a member of the WHDI coalition, to provide the essential chips powering the EW2000.

Amimon was a founding member of WDHI, along with Hitachi, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and LG, back in 2008. Though you might not recognize the name, it’s the company already providing chips in wireless HD products from LG, Sharp, Mitsubishi and others.

The WiCast kit comes as two pieces: a transmitter the size of a cigarette pack for your laptop, and a receiver about the size of a Wi-Fi access point for your television. The transmitter connects via HDMI, and with the help of two USB cables for power, sends a full 1080p HD signal up to 33 feet to the receiving box.

Asus plans to launch the WiCast EW2000 in September. In the mean time, check out the demo video from Asus  below.