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The best Kodi add-ons

People tend to associate Kodi as a place to watch and store their pirated content, but this isn’t completely true. Although some users might take advantage of Kodi and create illegal collections, this software application is capable of so much more. 

If you know which add-ons you need, you can improve your experience with the app, and Kodi can become a portal for you to store your completely legal collection of content and media.

How to install a Kodi add-on

However, before we start sifting through our picks for the best Kodi add-ons, we first need to turn our attention to how to download an add-on. Fortunately, it couldn’t be easier: Locate and select the Browse Add-on Repository option in Kodi, and filter by the various categories until you find the section you’re after. Track down the add-on then hit Install. Just keep in mind that this will only show add-ons available from the official Kodi repository.

Now, let’s get started.

Best Kodi add-ons

FilmOn TV

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You won’t find a more cable-like viewing experience on Kodi than FilmOn TV, and that’s because, in the eyes of controversial U.S. District Judge George Wu, FilmOn is a cable provider. But we digress. The service has one of the largest collections of both free and top-tier premium material, including award-winning A-list movies and must-see cable shows, spread across an on-demand platform and 600 live channels.


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We’ve all been there. You recorded something on the DVR downstairs and wanted to watch it that evening in bed. Too comfortable to move, you settle for something else, while the thought of what you could be watching eats you up inside. OK, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but with HDHomeRun, you can view content on your HDHomeRun DVR through Kodi — anywhere. Provided you have Wi-Fi, of course.


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Have a Plex Media Server? You can access it from Kodi. Just download the Plex add-on, link your account (a Plex Pass subscription is required to do this, which will set you back $5 per month, $40 per year, or $120 for a lifetime membership), and then you’ll be able to stream all the material stored on your server, such as DVR recordings, movies, shows, music, and home movies. Again, no extra hardware needed.

Pluto TV

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Don’t have cash to burn? Pluto TV is home to more than a hundred channels and thousands of movies and TV shows, and it won’t run you a dime. Being free, the selection of content isn’t the best out there, with the catalog consisting of curated rerun channels, aging movies, and canceled shows — if you don’t want to wait a decade to watch the last season of Game of Thrones, you’ll need an alternative.



If you haven’t followed our guide to download your favorite songs from SoundCloud or local storage (the main purpose of Kodi), you’ll want to take advantage of the SoundCloud add-on to stream them live. The experience itself is rather similar to that of SoundCloud for Chromecast — though it isn’t quite as simple to use, nor is it as streamlined — with the option to stream saved tunes and search for fresh material.


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Don’t worry gamers, there’s something for you, too. There’s a Twitch add-on for Kodi, and it works much the same as its Chromecast counterpart, letting you watch the action unfold as it happens. You can also log in and view your list of preferred streamers, browse by featured streams and the most popular games, and even participate in chat. Just keep in mind that the interface itself is rather clunky and monotonous, so it’ll take some getting used to.


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There’s no shortage of fantastic material on YouTube — ranging from informative documentaries to humorous sketches. Just sign in to your Google Account and all of your subscriptions will surface, so you can keep up to date with your favorite YouTubers. This allows you to tune in to your favorite content when it’s uploaded on the big screen with no streaming stick required.

There’s more!

That’s a selection of the best Kodi add-ons, available from the official Kodi repository. There are hundreds of thousands of other add-ons out there, from independent repositories, which introduce sources that aren’t supported by their respective owners like Netflix. It’s worth noting that such add-ons aren’t illegal since an active membership is still required — they just take a bit of tinkering to get working.

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