Gateway KAS-303 Home Theater Review

Quote from our review:

“Gateway’s combination of a proven speaker set that we’ve already rated as an editor’s choice, a quality digital receiver and a choice of DVD player makes the KAS-303 an excellent option for a home-theater setup. The small speakers are easy to place (providing you have a location for center rear) and the small receiver should fit just about anywhere, making this ideal for apartments, dorm rooms, and home-theaters.

By pairing HSU-Research’s Ventriloquist technology with Sherwood’s TruDigital, Gateway has come up with a solid performer at a very reasonable price. Music lovers and movie buffs alike will appreciate the ease of use, versatility and quality sound.

With connections for any analog or digital source, the KAS-303 makes an excellent addition to a home-theater or a great centerpiece for a new setup.”

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