Chromecast domination: The streamer beats out Roku, Apple TV in Q3

Chromecast 2015
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends
Roku may take the top spot when it comes to the most commonly used non-gaming streaming devices, but it’s Chromecast that topped sales worldwide in Q3. The most recent Global Connected TV Device Vendor Share report released by Strategy Analytics estimates that Google’s device claimed a 35 percent market share during the quarter, with Apple TV following at 20 percent and Roku and Amazon Fire TV each claiming 16 percent.

Connected TV devices have continued to perform well, even as smart TVs  become more common. During Q3, over 52.7 million were sold, which marks an 18 percent increase from Q3 2014, according to the report. “Despite the growing penetration of integrated smart TVs, digital media streamers such as Chromecast and Fire TV continue to prove popular with consumers thanks to their low cost and effectiveness at bridging the gap between the Internet and the TV screen,” said David Watkins, service director for connected home devices service, in a press release.

Although the report shows that digital media streamers continued to grow in popularity, Watkins predicted that they will ultimately be replaced by other forms of technology. He argued that “the long-term viability of such devices will be threatened by advancements in smart TV technology.”

In the meantime, Q3 marks the fifth straight quarter that Chromecast has stayed on top of the digital media streamer market. The numbers do, however, encompass a period prior to Amazon’s decision to pull the device from its massive online marketplace. It will be interesting to see how Chromecast fares moving forward.

Additionally, as Variety points out, Amazon, Apple, Roku, and Google all recently introduced revamped devices, the sales of which are not reflected in the Q3 data either. It remains to be seen how consumers will respond to the new digital media streamer options, especially now that holiday shopping in full swing.

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