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How to turn off subtitles on Amazon Prime Video

It’s especially annoying to settle down with a movie or show on Amazon Prime Video that you’ve been meaning to watch for a long time, and have subtitles start popping up even though you know you didn’t turn any subtitles on. Or maybe someone else on your account likes watching with subtitles on but you can’t stand them.

Whether or not it’s a bug, you need a way to turn those subtitles off, and fast. Don’t worry! Our guide will show you just what to do about it.

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Prime Video on a touchscreen device

Controlling subtitles on the Prime Video app is particularly easy and a great place to start if captioning keeps turning on, especially if you are using a mobile device. While the design and interface may differ slightly on other platforms, the basic rules and what to look for remain the same, so you should still be able to use this guide to help out. Below, we’ll go over some of the other Prime Video platforms where things are a little different.

Step 1: Open the Amazon Prime Video app and start playing the show of your choice. Once the subtitles appear, immediately pause the video.

Step 2: Look in the upper-right corner of the screen. Here you’ll see several icons for controlling how the video appears. The one in the middle looks like a speech bubble: Select it.

Prime Video paused on a mobile device.

Step 3: Now a small menu will pop up with two different sections, Subtitles and Audio. Under the Subtitles menu, you will see options for both Off and English CC/Closed Captioning (or other languages you may be watching in). Select Off.

Amazon Prime Subtitles menu.

If the subtitles are already set to Off but still appearing — which can happen with this bug sometimes — then switch to Closed Captioning and then switch back to Off.

Prime Video App Subtitles menu with subtitles off.

These steps should remove the subtitles from whatever you are watching. We also suggest that you make sure the Prime Video app is fully updated. If the issue keeps happening, you may want to try deleting the app entirely and re-installing it to see if this helps. There’s no guarantee this bug or slip-up won’t happen again, but if it does, you’ll be ready to deal with it.

With a Fire TV remote, aka Firestick

Amazon Fire TV Stick black remote controller and USB sensor laying together on a wooden desk.

If you have an Amazon Fire device linked to your TV, then it came with a remote, the Fire TV Stick. If you’re comfortable using the remote, you can also switch off subtitles this way, which may be easier if you’re in front of an entertainment center.

Step 1: Once again, pause the title you are watching. Now, look at your Firestick. One of the top right buttons should be three lines, the icon for the settings menu. Press this button.

Step 2: In the menu that appears, select Subtitles.

Step 3: In the subtitles section, which will probably show something like English [CC], use the select button again. This should switch subtitles off. Again, switching subtitles on and off again can often fix subtitle bugs.

These steps may vary a little since Fire TV interfaces can vary, but the end goal is still the same. If you can’t find Subtitles, look for a menu called Closed Captions.

With Prime Video on a game console

A Nintendo game controller.

Many users have the Prime Video app on their game console for easier TV viewing. In this case, you will use similar steps as with the Firestick, except on your game controller instead of a dedicated remote.

On a controller, Pause is generally the bottom button on your quadrant, the X or the A, depending on your console. From here, use the joysticks to navigate to the subtitles menu, right above the X-Ray information. Select Subtitles, then make sure they are turned to Off.

With Prime Video on a Roku device

A TV showing Roku's accessibility menu.

If you are on a Roku device, you may have to change subtitle settings directly on the Roku menu to get them turned off.

Step 1: Using the Roku remote, choose the Home button, then choose Settings.

Step 2: Go to Accessibility, and then choose Captions Mode.

Step 3: Make sure Captions Mode is turned Off.

Following these general steps will also help you navigate similar TV platforms that support Prime Video. Look for similar menu options and you should be fine!

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